A bit about weDevs foundation_ mission, vision and goals

weDevs Foundation- What You Wanted to Know

weDevs official journey as a WordPress start-up started in 2013. From the very beginning, we wanted to create something that really works and is useful to everyone. And we are grateful to the Almighty for enabling us to reach our goal. Today, seven years later, we have 20+ unique products and a great team with around 100 members. Thousands of people use our products to ensure their livelihood and future growth. We have countless friends and well-wishers around the world.Thank you for being with us.

Thousands of people use our products to ensure their livelihood and future growth. We have countless friends and well-wishers around the world. We are contributing and will continue to do so to different areas of the WordPress and the Element community, including the SaaS industry. Recently we have started working with the Doctors to easily spread out their services over the web and a useful app with tips to improve people’s lives. Our dedicated team is working to create and come up with something new, better, and more useful to the people.

Building weDevs Foundation

Our childhood, education, business projects have all been in a South Asian developing country Bangladesh. We have seen from very close that many people just fall out of the mainstream society due to the lack of necessary education, to be deprived of their basic human rights- food and medical care. We want to work with backward Bangladeshi students, disadvantaged children, and citizens to find a healthy and prosperous life. This is the actual reason behind building the weDevs Foundation. In the upcoming days, we want to work to ensure quality education, emergency food supply, and health care for the deprived children of marginalized societies, with ensuring their basic human rights. We have already started working with the village students, planning to do something on a larger scale with our friends and well-wishers from across the world. weDevs Foundation will act as a platform in that case. 

weDevs Foundation in Short

weDevs Foundation is a nonprofit and non-political organization aiming to help poor-working people of Bangladesh, especially underprivileged students. From weDevs Ltd., we are planning to accomplish the initiation of several projects towards assisting the disadvantaged communities-children of Bangladesh.  

Primary Working Area

Bangladesh is a developing country, fighting to chase the global economic race. The working people of Bangladesh, especially villagers suffer from very poor living conditions and vulnerability to natural disasters. These problems are more visible in the riverside & seafront areas where urbanization is still far away. And no doubt that kids and students suffer the most in these conditions.

Come Join Us

In addition to quality education, we will work to provide the emergency food supply and improve the lives of the poorest people. You too can stand by the side of these deprived-neglected people – by providing intellectual support or donating according to your ability. Come join us. Let’s work to build an equal, safe, and peaceful world for all. We have the dream that one day all these students & communities suffering from poverty and other problems will establish themselves as prosperous citizens.

Mission, Vision & Goals

Education is the key to opening doors to success in life. We promote quality education especially in Bangladesh to bring hope & light to the life of underprivileged children.

Our mission is to empower the struggling students and deprived communities to advance academically, economically, and health-wise in order to be well placed in society.

Our vision is to support disadvantaged youths and societies, most especially in terms of education, food, and health.

Our goals: 

  • Ensuring survival, protection, and development of deprived kids. To make them take an active part in the lives of their families, schools, and societies.
  • Creating necessary conditions required for the development and quality education of all children.
  • Building awareness and understanding of basic human rights.
  • Changing harmful values, attitudes, practices, and behaviors towards kids-students and helping them contribute to building an equal-safer world.
3 Primary Projects


Quality education is the foundation of health, wealth, and everything good in human life. People need to have the precise education to lead healthy and productive lives. Without the proper knowledge, it’s impossible to prevent disease and solve issues in everyday life. Children and youths need to be well-nourished and healthy to learn and advance in student life. Education is a catalyst for development and a health intervention in its own right. Children in poor-developing countries face many barriers to accessing education. Some are obvious- like not having a school nearby or essential elements to learning. Some others are like the teacher at the school not having the training needed to effectively help children to learn. From weDevs, we are working to help and support students to get everything they need and ensure the desired learning environment. We already are running a school in Jagannathpur, Chatmohar, Pabna, Bangladesh; supporting some more schools in different areas of Bangladesh.

Medical Care/Operation Theatre

Getting proper treatment is one of the biggest challenges for low-income people in a society. They may somehow manage essential food and clothing, but they are often left behind in terms of health care or proper treatment. Although our first and foremost target is to ensure the quality education of disadvantaged children while working with these deprived communities, we feel it’s also very important to build some operating theaters or quality medical centers. So, we have included building operation theaters or emergency medical centers in our primary project. weDevs Foundation will take necessary initiatives to implement the services in some disadvantaged areas of Bangladesh in upcoming days

Making Life Better:

There are lots of people around us who have a passion to improve their position but may not be able to make that change because of financial constraints. We want to stand by the side of such needy but energetic people, young and women. We want to make them self-sufficient by distributing sewing machines, agricultural implements, rickshaw-vans, or other low-cost but useful tools. This will be our second major field of work after education. We believe that there can be nothing better than taking hardworking people forward and helping them make their dreams come true.