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Supplied emergency food for 1000+ COVID19 victims

Due to COVID19, working people have been suffering a lot, especially in developing countries like Bangladesh. On behalf of the weDevs Foundation, we’ve stood by 1,000+ people over the last two years.

We gave hand cash to some people. Distributed cooked food for a few others. But have bought the daily necessities for most of the people; including rice-pulses, oil-onion etc.

Although this is not from our regular or permanent programs, we will continue this program for special needs.

Lockdown is a new experience for us all. For those who have a regular income, in some cases lockdown is difficult, but can be adjusted. Those whose income depends on daily work, they have to endure endless misery in lockdown. They do not even have the primary savings to continue day-to-day emergency shopping.

So, we have to be by the side of such needy people.