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Helped 500+ Students Paying Monthly Fees and Other Regular Payments

weDevs Foundation’s Primary Program is education. We are working to ensure quality education for all.

We believe that quality education is the foundation of health, wealth, and everything good in human life. People need to have the precise education to lead healthy and productive lives. That is why we are working to help and support students to get everything they need and ensure the desired learning environment. 

We already are running a school in Pabna; supporting some more schools in different areas of Bangladesh. We also have some special programs for meritorious students.

We are giving scholarships to a fair number of students within our means. Our scholarship programs include one-time courses and semester fees, monthly basic expenses, and a variety of irregular payments that are essential for students.

For now, we are offering this service for a limited number of students. We will expand this program in the future. On a larger scale.

And our regular school program will continue. We will build more institutions around different villages of Bangladesh.

Introducing free education in remote areas of Bangladesh is one of our priority projects. Will start and make this project more dynamic in the upcoming days.

So, stay with us. Let’s spread the light of knowledge. Let’s work to make sure a bright future for everyone.